LINAC 2004 in Lübeck, Germany



Important Information on Transport and Registration

Transport to and from Lübeck

We have arranged a bus shuttle from Hamburg Airport to Lübeck on Sunday 15th, starting at 10:00 every two hours up to 18:00. Shuttle seats are reserved for participants who requested the service in the registration form. Other participants can use the shuttle as far as free seats are available.

If you arrive outside the shuttle service time you may take the public airport shuttle to Hamburg main station and go to Lübeck by train. Connections are offered starting at 5:05 in the morning roughly every hour. The last train leaves Hamburg at 00:49. In Lübeck the conference site is within walking distance to the main station. (See the attached map.)

If you prefer to take a taxi to Lübeck you should ask for a fixed price. Approximately 100.- Euro seems to be reasonable.

On Friday 20th, busses will take you from Lübeck to Hamburg Airport or for the excursion to DESY at 13:30 and than at 17:00 from DESY to Hamburg Airport.


The online registration is blocked now. In case of urgent modifications please send your request to

On Sunday you can register in the foyer of the SAS Radisson from 16:00 to 18:00. You are cordially invited to the conference reception, which will take place in an old church - the Petri Kirche - from 19:00 to 21:00. You can find the Petri Kirche on the attached map.

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Map of Lubeck indicating the location of conference and the Petri Kirche. (137KB)