LINAC 2004 in Lübeck, Germany




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Linac 2004 Program (09.06.04)

Linac 2004 Program (09.06.04)

Monday, August 16 Tuesday, August 17 Wednesday, August 18 Thursday, August 19 Friday, August 20
      Chair: W. Namkung   Chair: M. White   Chair: S. Schriber   Chair: S.H. Wang
    8:30 TU101 8:30 WE101 8:30 TH101 8:30 FR101
    Schrage, Dale Doebert Steffen Yamazaki, Yoshishige Hayano, Hitoshi
  Chair: D. Trines Engineering and Building RF Structures - The Works Gradient Limitations for High-Frequency Accelerators Status of the J-PARC Linac, Initial Results and Upgrade Plan Overview of Linear Collider Test Facilities and Results
9:00   9:00 TU102 9:00 WE102 9:00 TH102 9:00 FR102
Welcome and Announcement Joshi, Chand Lilje, Lutz Vretenar, Maurizio Zisman, Michael
  Survey of Advanced Accelerator Concepts State-of-the-Art SRF Cavity Performance Overview of High Intensity Linac Programs in Europe Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
9:30 MO101 9:30 TU103 9:30 WE103 9:30 TH103 9:30 FR103
Dosch, Helmut Barth, Winfried Simrock, Stefan Norem, Jim Holtkamp, Norbert
Research with the XFEL Development of the Unilac towards Megawatt Beams State of the Art in RF Control Overview of Workshop on High Gradient RF Status of the SNS Linac: An Overview
10:00 MO102 10:00 TU104 10:00 WE104 10:00 TH104 10:00 FR104
Brinkmann, Reinhard Schmor, Paul Piot, Phillippe Peiniger, Michael Lewellen, John
Accelerator Layout of the XFEL Developments and Future Plans at ISAC/TRIUMF State of the Art in Bunch Compression Industrial RF Linac Experiences and Laboratory Interactions Overview on High-Brightness Electron Guns
10:30 Break 10:30 Break 10:30 Break 10:30 Break 10:30 Break
  Chair: D. Haseroth   Chair: Y. Yamazaki   Chair: M. Poole   Chair: L. Kravchuk   Chair: N. Angert
11:00 MO201 11:00 TU201 11:00 WE201 11:00 TH201 11:00 FR201
Wu, Juhao Matsumoto, Hiroshi Aleksandrov, Alexander Bohlen, Henz Gurd, David
LCLS - Accelerator System Overview The KEK C-Band RF System for a Linear Collider Results from the Initial Operations of the SNS Front End and DT Linac IOT RF Power Sources for Pulsed and CW Linacs Accelerator Control and Global Networks - State of the Art
11:20 MO202 11:20 TU202 11:20 WE202 11:20 TH202 11:20 FR202
Alessi, James Togawa, Kazuaki Pisent, Andrea Caspers, Fritz Tantawi, Sami
High-Intensity - High-Efficiency Ion Sources Low Emittance 500 kV Thermionic Electron Gun Recent Results in the Field of High Intensity CW Linac Development for RIB Production Review of Fast Beam Chopping Status of High-Power Tests of the Dual Mode SLED-II System for an X-Band Linear Collider
11:40 MO203 11:40 TU203 11:40 WE203 11:40 TH203 11:40 FR203
Peters, Andreas Johnson, Rolland Bocchetta, Carlo Kirk, Harold Sherill, Brad
Non-Interfering Beam Diagnostic Developments High Pressure, High Gradient Cavities for Muon Cooling Challenges of  Linac Driven Light Sources High Power Target Overview Overview of RIA Accelerators: MSU and ANL Programs
12:00 MO204 12:00 TU204 12:00 WE204 12:00 TH204 12:00 FR204
Kester, Oliver Moretti, Alfred Oh, Jong-Seok Ostroumov, Petr Stroth, Joachim
Status of REX-ISOLDE Effect of High Solenoidal Magnetic Fields on Breakdown Voltages of High Vacuum 805 MHz Cavities PAL Linac Upgrade for a 1-3 A XFEL End-to-end Beam Dynamics Simulations for the ANL-RIA Driver Linac Physics Program at the Furure International Accelerator Facility for Ions and Antiprotons
12:20 Lunch 12:20 Lunch 12:20 WE205 12:20 Lunch 12:30 Closing Remarks
  Chair: G. Fortuna   Chair: T. Garvey Michizono, Shinichiro   Chair: H. Weise
13:40 MO301 13:40 TU301 KEKB Injector Linac and Upgrade for Super-KEKB 13:40 TH301
Moscatello, Marie-Hélène Biarrotte, Jean-Luc 12:40 Lunch and Outing Delayen, Jean   Bus Transfer
SPIRAL 2 at GANIL High Power cw sc-Linacs for EURISOL and XADS Intermediate-velocity Superconducting Accelerating Stuctures (Spoke and Elliptical)   Laboratory Tour
14:00 MO302 14:00 TU302 14:10 TH302  
Podlech, Holger Ross, Marc Wu, Xiaoyu 15:00 -
Development of Normal and Superconducting CH-structures Future Developments in Electron Linac Diagnostics End-to-end Beam Dynamics Simulations for the MSU-RIA Driver Linac 17:00
14:30 Oral, Poster Session (MOP) 14:30 Oral, Poster Session (TUP) 14:30 Oral, Poster Session (THP)  
15:30 Postersession (MOP) 15:30 Postersession (TUP) 15:30 Postersession (THP)  
17:30 17:30 17:30  
    18:30 BANQUET  
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